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Properties for Sale and Rent in Marbella, Spain

Living and owning properties in Marbella on Costa del Sol in Spain is sought after by people from all over the world due to the quality of life the area offers. Marbella situated on the southern coast of Spain is the most cherished location for property on Costa del Sol due to it´s beauty and vibrancy. Marbella offers home buyers a wide and dynamic selection of properties. Some of the best properties on Costa del Sol and Spain are located in Marbella. Whether you are searching for a luxury property with panoramic views located frontline beach or a small apartment in Marbella old town offering  traditional Spanish ambient you will find it in the area.

You can find properties in this amazing Spanish city ranging from a duplex penthouse situated on Marbella´s sandy beaches with amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea to golf villas with swimming pools situated  right next to a golf course in Nueva Andalucia. Most new homes built in Marbella are built to the highest standards and some of the best architects in Spain and the world build properties in the area. If you are looking to buy a villa in Marbella you can choose from villas situated right on the beach to those situated on a golf course or in the mountains. These reasons all contribute to make Marbella the cherished location for properties on Costa del Sol and Spain.

Marbella on the Costa del Sol is considered as one of the most privileged location for living. Due to this there is a high demand for properties in the Marbella area. You can choose from a property in Puerto Banus with  stunning sea views overlooking the Mediterranean to a contemporary property in Nueva Andalucia overlooking a golf course. Its fame as a favourite area for the rich and famous is only one aspect of the town’s appeal, as it is home to a number of family-friendly attractions, romantic places for a couple’s retreat, and affordable shops and bars to enjoy as part of a group or during solo travel.

Apartments in Marbella are available in a wide selection of types and sizes. There are beachfront apartments all along Marbella´s sandy beaches. For those who are looking for apartments on golf courses you are in luck. Marbella and Costa del Sol have a huge selection of golf apartments for sale and rent.

If you’re looking for the perfect property in marbella and Costa del Sol that fits your needs and budget, you can choose from plenty of gorgeous new villas as well as charming older houses available for sale or rent. The town is  home to people from all over the world  who are not native to its shores, so there is a vibrant multicultural appeal to the city which makes it easy to navigate, and very approachable – wherever you’re originally from. The culture is friendly and welcoming to people from all backgrounds, and it is a favourite destination for buying both summer homes, and as a sunny spot for a permanent residence.

Whether you are looking for a house in Marbella with a large living room, Marbella repossession properties or you adore nothing more than soaking up the sun on white sandy beaches, you’re bound to find the perfect home in Marbella. Imagine waking up every day and being in the Mediterranean haven of Marbella, while still being able to get on with daily tasks? The town has all the amenities you need to keep up with day-to-day life, such as banks, grocery shops and schools.

If you’re an individual, a young couple, or a family, it’s oh-so easy to find your dream home with PropertyOso. Read on for a quick overview of the types of properties available in the Marbella, including the more affordable options, and also the most exclusive ones.

The Irresistible Charm of Marbella

There are many factors why living and owning a property in Marbella is so attractive and one of those reasons is the city and its lifestyle. Marbella is a town in the province of Malaga , which is part of Spain’s Costa del Sol region. This area was once a collection of fishing villages, before it began to get noticed for its beauty and consistently warm weather in the middle of the 20th Century. With its silky white sands, clear turquoise waters and swaying palm trees, it’s easy to see why it soon became one of the most popular destinations in Europe for living and property investment.

The city is now known as one of the jewels of the Spanish coast, and is associated with the luxury properties built in the area, but as well as its hillside villas and frontline beach apartments , there is a vibrant culture to explore too.

Few places are more irresistible than the Mediterranean haven of Marbella. Being located on the Costa Del Sol region, which means ‘The Sunshine Coast’ in Spanish, it refers to a large area of land on the southern shores of mainland Spain. Buying homes in Marbella, Spain is so popular essentially due to the quality of life the area offers and the wide selection of properties to suit different tastes.

Properties built to the highest standards, beautiful weather, quality living on the shores of Mediterranean sea, delicious local food, as well as the blend of glamorous lifestyles with classic and contemporary culture, have made the area one of most popular destinations for people from all over the world.

This unique seaside destination is home to both party and culture lovers. Explore the sun-soaked landscape of Southern Spain with its leafy olive groves and white sandy beaches, sip a refreshing cocktail at an ideally-situated beach bar, indulge in a little retail therapy in Puerto Banus high-end boutiques, or pick up a one-off treasure at the rustic marketplace.

Popular Areas and Property Search Process

Property prices in Marbella vary depending on where you want to live and, of course, on the size and style of home you’re interested in. As you start your property search you must consider what sort of property are you looking for, and what are your main priorities with regards to location and amenities?

There are a wide selection of homes available in Marbella to choose from, whether you want a compact apartment in Puerto Banus that’s perfect for weekend breaks, a new build townhouse in Nueva Andalucia that is close to  shops and other amenities, or a classic beachfront Marbella villa with its own pool, the property market in Marbella and Costa del Sol is dynamic, and there’s something for everyone – no matter what your style or budget.

Below you can find some detailed information about popular areas in Marbella and Costa del Sol. As you begin searching for properties in Marbella you must consider specific details such as the size of the living areas or if you want  landscaped gardens, fully fitted kitchen, large living room, property with golf or sea views and many more.

In addition as you search considering if you want a frontline beach home with views of the Mediterranean or perhaps a more exclusive area must be also looked at. Buying a property is a decision that involves many dynamics and we plan to provide you with information to help you during this process.

Marbella Golden Mile

Marbella has a reputation for luxury homes, and you can find such properties by going to the most fashionable areas in the town such as Marbella Golden Mile. The famous Golden Mile is in the western side of the city, and is home to some of the most exclusive, high end properties on the market. In this part of Marbella there are luxury villas, penthouses and apartments – tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre, yet close enough to still enjoy all the amenities the city has to offer.

Marbella Golden Mile properties can be found both in contemporary and classic designs. If  price is no object, you’ll find a huge selection of properties on the Marbella Golden Mile to choose from with all the luxurious attributes you can expect from such prestigious properties. If infinity swimming  pools, gated tropical gardens and sprawling open plan living spaces and kitchens are your thing, this is the place for you. A south facing Marbella Golden Mile property offers its residents luxury living and beautiful morning sunshine from the Mediterranean Sea.

The Golden Mile as many locals know it offers anything from luxury frontline beach villas to beachfront apartments and townhouses. The Golden Mile is just minutes’ drive from Puerto Banus and Nueva Andalucia. The Golden Mile is also not too far from the urban centre, making it even more attractive. The area is a favourite for those looking to purchase luxury properties. The Marbella Golden Mile also has many new properties with contemporary designs which are bright and spacious as well as those built in the traditional Spanish design.

Puerto Banus

For those who want to be within walking distance to nigh life, restaurants and glamorous yachts a property in Puerto Banus is ideal. Of course properties in extravagant Puerto Banus are usually more expensive. Most properties in Puerto Banus are apartments and penthouse apartments which come in 2 or 3 bedrooms usually with sea views or panoramic views. A 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom south facing apartment for sale in Puerto Banus can easily cost millions. But smaller apartments in Puerto Banus are available such as studios or 1 bedroom apartments for much less. 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom apartments are very popular among large families.

Apartmentsin Puerto Banus can also be rented very well both as long term and short term rentals and generate a nice income for their owners. Many properties in Puerto Banus are beach front with beautiful views of the sea. In addition you are a short walk from all the luxury shops in the port and a short drive to all other areas in Marbella.  A south facing first line beach property with large living areas for sale in Marbella´s Puerto Banus can offer so much.

An ideal property located in Puerto Banus would be south or southwest facing offering incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea. You can find many properties located on the beach side just a short walk to the sea . Puerto Banus offers home buyers a wide selection of properties to choose from . There are a number of luxury apartment complexes in the area with 24-hour security and direct access to the beach. A number of these apartments are located next to shops and restaurants  and are overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean.

Puerto Banus is also a short driving distance to Nueva Andalucia which has some of Marbella´s best golf course. So for those who want to be close to shops and restaurants in middle of all the action and still able to play golf buying a home in Purto Banus could be perfect.

Nueva Andalucia

Nueva Andalucia is one of the most popular areas in Marbella to buy property. The dynamic area of Nueva Andalucia offers so much and people from all over seek to buy property in Nueva Andalucia. The area is situated to the west of Marbella, Marbella Golden Mile and is next to Puerto Banus. It is mainly a residential area and has some of the most beautiful and exclusive golf courses in the area. You can find stunning homes in Nueva Andalucia built in many different styles ranging from modern and contemporary to classical Spanish.

Nueva Andalucia real estate is very popular due to the area being so diverse and dynamic. Some of Costa del Sol´s best  golf courses such as Aloha Golf, Los Naranjos Golf and Las Brisas Golf are located in Nueva Andlaucia. The area where these golf courses are situated is known as the Gold Valley.

You can find a number of villas in Nueva Andalucia located right on the golf course. These villas offer golf views and you are just a short drive to Puerto Banus.

Sierra Blanca

One of Marbella´s most exclusive areas is the gated community of Sierra Blanca. The area is west of Marbella centre and east of Puerto Banus. Sierra Blanca is situated to the north of Marbella Golden Mile and you can find some of the areas most luxurious homes there. Sierra Blanca homes are built to the highest standards and offers amazing views due to the elevates location of the area. Some of the most luxurious homes in Marbella are located in Sierra Blanca.

Marbelle Centre and Old Town

Head to the hearth of the city for traditional Andalusian style of living and find Marbella old town properties for sale and rent. Here you can find beautiful locations with spectacular views of the stunning La Concha mountain and other surrounding mountains, as well as the sea, and grassy slopes that surround the town on all sides. There are always new properties appearing on the market here, and this part of town is popular for its laid back, less tourist-centric vibe.

Los Monteros

Los Monteros is a prestigious area situated to the east of Marbella. Property buyers have a wide selection of properties to choose from in Los Monteros. Property in Los Monteros is high demand due to the quality of homes found in the area and the area´s natural beauty.

Most homes in Los Monteros are within a short walk to the beautiful sandy beaches of Los Monteros Playa. There is a varied  selection of apartments, villas and townhouses available for sale and rent in Los Monteros.

Marbella East

Marbella East is also a very popular place for people to rent and buy real estate in Marbella. The area has all the amenities you might need to make it  your home, such as banking, schooling and supermarkets. It’s easy to get to the Marbella centre from here, too, and if you like nightlife you’re also in luck as there are lots of bars and clubs to spend your evenings. Marbella East is home to a wide range of different properties depending on your budget and personal taste: from slick modern flats to traditional villas – there’s something for everyone.

As you drive towards the centre of the town from Marbella East  you’ll find some gorgeous properties down tree-lined avenues. The area is more tourist-heavy during the summer due to many  many popular beaches nearby  and there are plenty of shops and facilities to make living there a breeze.

San Pedro de Alcantara

San Pedro the Alcantara is a municipality which is part of Marbella. It is located about 17 kilometres from Marbella centre.  San Pedro has kept its charming village atmosphere and due to this is popular amongst those who seek a more traditional lifestyle. There are varied selections of properties available in San Pedro de Alcantara. The areas around the centre with their traditional Spanish architecture offer mostly apartments and townhouses.  There are many cafes and restaurants spread around the centre which are a short walk away.

The areas of San Pedro closer to the beach offer more modern properties including villas. It is about a 10 minutes’ walk to the city centre from here and just a few minutes to the beach.  If wakening up and wanting to look into the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and still be close to a traditional Spanish lifestyle San Pedro de Alcantara is for you.

Property Market in Marbella & Costa del Sol

You don’t have to be a millionaire to own real estate in Marbella. While the exclusive yacht clubs and sea view villas come at a price, there are also many other accommodation and entertainment options for those who want a more affordable holiday or retirement home. Marbella real estate prices can vary drastically based on the area and the type of property. When it comes to a Marbella and Costa del Sol real estate guide, it is important to know the area and see what is available for your Budget. Real estate market in Marbella, Spain is based on some general factors but also based on particular factors such as the property type and area where the property is situated.

There are always new opportunities unfolding in this one-of-a-kind destination. If you’re looking to buy or rent a property in Costa del Sol and Marbella , you’ve come to the right place. There is also the Spanish Golden Visa available for property buyers who are interested and qualify for this program.Read on to discover the types of  properties available, and learn more about what the town has to offer.

This applies to holidaymakers who are staying for a short trip away, as well as those who want to set up a more permanent residence in this one-of-a-kind destination. The property market in Marbella, and Costa del Sol in general, has been on a steady rise since the middle of the 20th Century – a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. The popularity of the area has subsequently increased the demand for high quality real estate of all styles and sizes to suit the different clientele who wish to invest their money here.

You don’t need to spend millions to find a wonderful home in Marbella and beyond. As well as the luxurious yachts and exclusive boutiques, there is a whole community of expats and locals who coexist harmoniously, and lead everyday lives on mid-range incomes. The city has schools, banks and supermarkets so you can get on with everyday life here too, and the enormous number of expats from different cultural backgrounds means that it’s easy to communicate – many of the locals speak perfect English – although it won’t hurt to brush up on your Spanish too!

Whether you need a place to relax, unwind and indulge in a holiday environment, you’re looking to invest in the booming holiday rental industry, or you’d love to set up a new home away from home, there really is something to suit every type of client in this wonderful corner of the globe.

Discover everything Marbella and Costa del Sol properties have to offer by diving into our collection of properties today. Get inspired and start planning a future in the South of Spain – you’ll never look back!

Types of Properties

Whether you want a place to invest some savings and buy a holiday apartment to rent out, or you’re looking to splash the cash and buy a beautiful hillside villa, there really is something for everyone to be found in the Marbella and Costa del Sol property market.


There is a wide selection of  apartments available in Marbella and the Costa del Sol region as a whole. Whether you want a slick, contemporary penthouse with immediate access to the most luxurious districts, or a charming and quaint studio apartment with original character features, you’ll find a whole host of both quirky and minimalist flats in the region to suit your taste and space requirements. Also for those interested there are opportunities to buy apartments for sale by owners. If you are just purchasing a home for only holidays perhaps a small apartment with living dining areas could be perfect.


Get stuck into all the action in Marbella and other Costa del Sol towns by renting or buying your very own townhouse. Townhouses in the area are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, and with a varying number of bedrooms. Whether you’re looking for a two-bedroom holiday home that is close to the city´s  wonderful restaurants, or you’re making a permanent move to the area and need a four-bed family-sized house with local banks and schooling, a townhouse has everything you need for your private and public life.


Perhaps the most famous of all Marbella and Costa del Sol properties are the classic Spanish villas or the modern contemporary villas situated throughout the area.  If this is your dream residence for living in Marbella you’re in luck, because there is a wide selection of villas to choose from.You can choose from villa offering which include villas located in the exclusive area of Sierra Blanca built to the highest standards with sea and mountain views to frontline gold villas in Nueva Andalucia.

You can also find a characterful period villa located among the olive groves, to sprawling contemporary mansions with their own swimming pools and stunning views , there is an enormous selection of villas to suit all range of tastes and varying budgets. Experience the ultimate way to enjoy Marbella with an authentic Spanish villa, and choose from our ever-growing collection of villas to buy or rent today.  Luxury villas for sale in areas such as  Nueva Andalucia or Sierra Blanca  can cost anywhere from one million to tens of millions of euros.

Holiday Rentals

If you love making regular visits to  Marbella and the Costa del Sol region and want to set up a reliable residence to which you can return as often as you like, why not follow in the footsteps of many others and buy a property in Marbella and  Costa del Sol for holiday rental? Once you’ve bought the property, you are free to spend as much time there as you like, and, when you’re not there, real estate in Marbella and Costa del Sol is one of the best ways to generate extra income from renting it out to others.

The city which was once a sleepy fishing town has developed into a small cosmopolitan city over the past 50 years. This has  led to more purchasing of  homes but also more and more people are coming for holidays and this has increased demand for holiday rentals. Enjoy extra money in the bank while having a free place to holiday whenever you fancy it – what’s not to love? Browse holiday rental today to get a taste of what’s available on the market, and potentially discover where you could be making a real investment as a future holiday property owner.