The beautiful Costa del Sol in Spain  has long been one of the most desirable destinations for both holiday-makers and expats wishing to enjoy a little Spanish sunshine on the southern coast of Spain. Situated on the blue waters of the Med, the region has a long history of small fishing villages, but the area has witnessed a veritable expansion in the past 50 years which has placed it on the map of number one holiday and residential destinations in Europe. Marbella in particular is the gem of this coast, in addition to other popular resorts such as Estepona, Torremolinos , Fuengirola & Sotogrande. People from all over the world seek to buy property on Costa del Sol due to the quality of the life and the beauty the area offers.

We not only to provide detailed property details but more about what is like to live in the area. Marbella & Costa del Sol are a great place to live not only due to the great climate and fantastic selection for properties but also due to its great culture and history.  At the heart of its image as a destination for the rich and famous, Marbella and Costa del Sol  has another side to it. Behind the sleek yachts and sprawling villas hides a rich history and vibrant culture that deserves to be celebrated. For example Marbella’s history as a traditional fishing village dates back to the 13th Century, and much of the architecture built over the centuries that followed still stands strong. The narrow cobbled streets, gorgeous churches and traditional taverns add a charming sense of history and character to a town that is at the same time home to some of the most contemporary living spaces in Europe.

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Property Guide for Marbella & Costa del Sol

At Property Oso, we love the Costa del Sol: it has a rich culture and a wonderful atmosphere, and some of the most gorgeous properties available across the whole of the Mediterranean. Each property in our wide selection of properties has  its very unique character and charm: from slick contemporary apartments and townhouses, to classic villas and luxury hillside mansions, you’re bound to find your dream home on this sunshine coast with us. In addition we try to provide a more comprehensive picture of what it is like to live and own a property in the area. We do this by providing area guides, detailed guides of particular developments and even guides that are about living expenses in Marbella and Costa del Sol.

Our aim is to make Propertyoso a unique website that helps those seeking to buy homes everything they need to know .  By providing detailed guides in additional to specific property details we aim to help buyers not only discover details about properties but also discover details about the area where the property is located.

Whether you’re thinking of retiring to the Costa del Sol, looking to invest in a residential property for letting or a commercial property for a business venture, renting your own holiday accommodation, or buying a second home, we offer beautiful properties in Cost del Sol and details additional information on how best to begin your buying journey.

We try to offer the finest Costa del Sol properties available, and we are continuously updating our available residences and commercial lots to reflect the vibrant property marketplace.

We offer properties to rent and buy in both the residential and commercial sectors, so you can find your dream home, or your next business venture, all in one convenient place. Whatever your personal taste or budget – if you’re interested in property on the Costa del Sol , Propertyoso will have something for you.

How We Approach Searching for Properties

Those seeking to buy properties on Costa del Sol come from all around the world and have a varied characteristics. The profile of home buyers is very diverse and is based on their requirements when it comes to purchasing properties.

Our approach is to continually offer a great and diverse  selection of properties but also information required by each profile. Weather the property buyers is seeking to buy a property for a holiday home , relocating to the area or is seeking to buy a property for Spanish Golden Visa by property investment we try to provide them information.