Property for Sale in Marbella Golden Mile

Property for Sale in Marbella Golden Mile

If you are looking to buy real estate in a luxurious area of Marbella and not too far from the sea, buying a property for sale in Marbella Golden Mile area could be the perfect choice! The famous Marbella Golden Mile is one of the best areas for luxury property beachfront in Marbella Spain if you are looking to buy a property on Costa del Sol. Marbella Golden Mile is situated to the west of Marbella centre and is next to another one of Marbella´s most popular areas such as Marbella Old Town &  Marbella Sierra Blanca.

The famous Puerto Banus is situated to the west of Marbella Golden Mile and is ideal for those searching for beachfront property for sale Puerto Banus!  Marbella Golden Mile real estate is  famed around the world due to the luxurious selection of  homes the area offers such as villas for sale in Marbella Golden Mile. In addition the high quality of lifestyle that its residents enjoy on its stretch of stunning sandy beaches make it even more popular. The beutiful Golden Mile in Marbella offers home buyers some of the most chrarming properties in the area including some of the modern villas for sale in Marbella costa del sol.

The famous Puente Romano Hotel is located on the Marbella Golden Mile. There is a wide selection of properties comprising of apartments for sale in Puente Romano Marbella to townhouses and villas next to Puente Romano Hotel . These properties  are sought after by people from all over the world due to their location and quality of life they can offer!

For those searching for properties within an easy walking distance to the beach and Puente Roman Hotel they must look into property for sale in Las Lomas del Marbella Club which is an area situated across the Puente Romano Hotel.

There are a number of developments in the area which are situated in exclusive communities. The properties in these developments are either within walking distance to the beach or are situated frontline beach with direct access to the beach.

Many of these properties offer panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.

You can find many apartments on the Marbella Golden Mile offering south and south west facing views such as properties in Alhambra del Mar for sale. Also, those who are interested in Marbella Golden Mile must look into  Mansions Club apartments  Marbella.

If you have the budget a villa on the Marbella Golden Mile could be the ideal property. There is wide selection of luxury villas for sale on the Marbella Golden Mile.

You can choose from modern contemporary villas to those which are built in the more traditional Spanish designs. A south facing villa with direct access to the beach can be the perfect property.

Marbella is composed of many areas with each one offering its very unique charm when it comes to living there and properties available. To discover more about what kind of properties are available in these areas and what the area offer have a look at the links below:

Property Search Guidelines for Marbella Golden Mile

The Marbelle Golden Mile begins at Plaza Bocanegra, which is towards the west of Marbella centre, and stretches for around five kilometres towards Rio Verde. Though it is not a particularly long stretch, the Golden Mile in Marbella is known for the many gorgeous villas and amazing apartments .The area is ideally situated between Marbella and Puerto Banus, making it even more popular.

The term ‘Golden Mile’ was given to this area in the 80’s by German musician artist turned property developer Roy  and the name has really stuck over the years. This makes sense as it represents the location really well, with its sandy beaches and luxury properties. Real estate in the Marbella Golden Mile first came to the attention of overseas property buyers in 1954. This is when a resort called the Marbella Club Hotel became extremely popular with celebrities, and even members of royalty. This was also when Marbella Golden Mile first started to develop its upmarket reputation.It is now seen to be a decidedly glamorous location, with a host properties built to the highest standards.

Many visitors who end up falling in love with the glitz and glamour of the Marbella Golden Mile decide to search and see what types of  properties are available for sale and buy one and make it their home.

It is one of the best beachside destinations in Europe for property investment and it offers a luxurious living space for people from around the world. The proximity to Marbella town also makes it a good spot for those who want to own a home in a relaxing area while still being close to a buzzing city.

Villas for Sale in Marbella Golden Mile

Marbella has some of the most beautiful villas in Spain and Europe if not the world and this is certainly the case when it comes to the Marbella Golden Mile area. Property buyers can choose form a variety of villas situated next to the sea or those located in elevated position. You can find some amazing villas within a short walk to the beach that allow you to breath the fresh air  from the Mediterranean Sea and offer amazing views. Although there are a limited number of these villas available due to their popularity and  lack of space for more new villas to be built, there are still some if you have the right budget.

There are many luxury villas also situated on the north side of the Golden mile in in areas such as Sierra Blanca and Las Lomas de Marbella Club. These villas offer incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea and La Concha Mountains.  Villas in Sierra Blanca Marbella for sale are built to the highest standards and allow you to live the ultimate lifestyle.

 Apartments for Sale in Marbella Golden Mile

More people chose to live in Marbella due to the climate and quality of life it offers and many decide to buy apartments for sale in the Marbella Golden Mile. Due to its privileged location between Puerto Banus and Marbella the Golden Mile Marbella is very popular amongst those searching for luxury apartments for sale in the Marbella area .

Property buyers can select from apartments situated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea or those situated on the north side of the Golden Mile in Sierra Blanca or Las Lomas the Marbella Club. Apartments for sale in the exclusive Sierra Blanca can offer panoramic views of the Sea and you are just within a short drive to the beaches and shops on the Marbella Golden Mile.

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The area is one of the top choices for those searching for property in Marbella due to its dynamics. Marbella Golden Mile properties ate  very popular amongst property investors since the area is very established and can be a solid property investment. Those who are interested in purchasing luxury overseas properties consider Marbella Golden Mile as a great location for either a holiday home or a permanent move .

If you like fine dining, there are is a wide selection of options for Marbella Golden Mile residents and visitors. If you’re a golf enthusiast, then you need look no further for a holiday home choice than Marbella Golden Mile.

There are plenty of excellent golf courses close by which makes the area hugely attractive for golf lovers who decide to move to Marbella Golden Mile.

If you’re looking for a holiday or a retirement home in a luxurious and naturally beautiful Costa Del  Sol location, you must look further into Marbella Golden Mile real estate discover and what is available. It’s the perfect spot for those who want to buy a home somewhere glamorous and near the sea.  And the fact that it is sunny around 320 days of the year certainly helps to seal the deal!

Marbella Golden Mile is a great area due to many reasons such as the one’s below:

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