Property for Sale in Marbella Spain

Property for Sale in Marbella Spain

Marbella is a beautiful and dynamic city and due to this property for sale in Marbella is so popular. Many people searching for property for sale in Costa del Sol in Southern Spain decide to buy a property in Marbella. Properties in Marbella are purchased by people from all over the world.  The city and municipality of  Marbella are situated on the shores of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea in the province of Malaga which is in Andalusia. With the Marbella area having one of the best climates in Europe properties for sale in Marbella are continually in high demand.

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Marbella is also one of the most popular locations for property investment in Spain and demand for Marbella property for sale is continually growing. There are many reasons why homes for sale in Marbella are in such high demand. These reasons include the Marbella area having a subtropical Mediterranean weather due to its privileged location next to the Sierra Blanca Mountains and between the city of Malaga and Strait of Gibraltar. On the north side of Marbella are situated   the charming small towns of Istan and Ojen which are very charming and resemble traditional Spanish villages .

On the west side of Marbella heading to Gibraltar you will comes across the beautiful town of Benahavis known for its popular restaurants and its picturesque settings being nestled in the hills with its rivers. Heading further west from Benahavis is Estepona known for its beautiful beaches and long coastline.

Anyone who is thinking about buying homes for sale in Spain or real estate on Costa del Sol should certainly look into the Marbella real estate market. It is much loved by anyone who has had a chance to go there and the area sees a lot of repeat visitors, many of whom will decide to buy property in the Marbella area.

There are so many types and varieties of houses for sale in Marbella to suit all tastes and demanded. Whether  you are looking for a apartment for sale with amazing seaviews or a cozy apartment nestled in a quiet area of Marbella you will surely find your dream home in this charming city  on the shores of Mediterranean Sea.

In addition Marbella is home to some of the most luxurious properties in Spain and Europe. For those with the budget and taste for luxury homes Marbella has plenty to offer them ranging from amazing apartments and villas to mansions situated next to the sea.

With its great climate and stunning beaches next to the Mediterranean sea , you can see why Marbella property and costa del sol property is so popular ? Marbella is composed of several smaller areas and those looking to buy real estate in Marbella must also look into the following areas:

property for sale in Nueva Andalucia

property for sale in Puerto Banus

property for sale in Sierra Blanca

property for sale in San Pedro de Alcantara

property for sale in Marbella Golden Mile

property for sale in Los Monteros

         property for sale in Aloha Marbella

         property for sale in Guadalmina Baja 

         property for sale in La Zagaleta 

These areas are some of the most popular areas of Marbella for those searching for property in Spain. People from all over the world seek to own a villa, apartment or townhouse in these areas.

The Marbella area is also well known for its huge number of luxury restaurants and clubs which cater to tourists especially in the summer months. At the same time it also got a lot to offer to those who just want a more relaxed Costa del Sol location to retreat and own a home near the beach.  The people of Marbella  have that inherent Andalusian hospitality and offer a warm welcome to anyone who decides to move to Marbella and buy real estate there.

What Region of Spain is Marbella in?

Many who are seeking to buy real estate in the Marbella area want to know what region of Spain is Marbella in ? Marbella is located in the south of Spain on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the province of Malaga which is part of the autonomous region of  Andalusia. Marbella is situated on the area which is refereed to as “Costa del Sol” meaning  the sunshine coast. Costa del Sol is a long stretch of land along the Mediterranean Sea stretching for about 150 kilometres  from Sotogrande in the west to Nerja in the east.

Why Buying Marbella Real Estate has become Popular?

Whether you are searching for properties in Marbella for a permanent residence or just for holidays you have many option. The property options in Marbella are very dynamic. They range from Marbella properties which are located in gated communities , a charming property  in Marbella East overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with large terraces that offers exceptional sea views or a cozy property in Marbella Old Town.

Property market is active in Marbella since there are new homes coming into the market and many older properties are also available. If you are searching for real estate for sale on Costa del Sol & Marbella you can choose from a wide selection of properties.

In addition there’s a lot to keep you occupied in Marbella when you are not spending time at home.  Along the beachfront, you’ll be able to find some fantastic bars and restaurants serving scrumptious Spanish and international cuisine. If you need a little siesta after, you can easily rent a sun bed or just plop down on one of the many beaches. There is also great shopping in the town, with lots of cute and stylish boutiques that you could spend many leisurely afternoons browsing in.

Many who visit Marbella for holidays decide to buy homes in Marbella due to its charm and beauty.  The real estate market is very lively and there are all sorts of properties available for sale and rent in Marbella. Whether you like to buy a reduced price property in Marbella Golden Mile beachfront , property for sale in Nueva Andalucia  with mountain views and a swimming pool or a luxury south facing  apartment Puerto Banus with views of Mediterranean Sea like luxury apartments for sale in El Embrujo Playa Puerto Banus or a penthouse property in Mansion Club Marbella Sierra Blanca you will find it in Marbella. If you also need  to know more about how much does it cost to live in Marbella Spain, you can read the article we have dedicated to this topic.

Top Reasons Properties are Purchased

According to an analysis done in 2019, properties in Marbella were purchased based on the following breakdown :

  • Second home 60%
  • Relocation 20%
  • Investment 20%
  • Second Home
  • Relocation
  • Investment
  • Apartment in Marbella
  • Villa in Marbella Golden Mile

What Makes Marbella Properties Exceptional ?

The property boom and the popularity of buying  properties in the Marbella area are due to several factors. The area having the best climate in Europe is perhaps the most important.

But in addition to the wonderful climate you have stunning properties in the area that offer exceptional quality of living. Also, Marbella area is very cosmopolitan and there is plenty to do all year around ranging from outdoor activities, sporting and entertainment .

How to Buy Property in Marbella

There is not one single approach when it comes to buying property in Marbella but various. We will not discuss all these approaches since that will take too long but only the few of the ones we have seen are most practical. The first approach would involve those who want to buy property in Marbella but are not sure where in Marbella. With this approach it usually takes longer to find the right property since the buyer needs to become familiar with the many different areas in Marbella and property prices in each area.

The other approach involves those who know the area in Marbella where they like to buy the property being Marbella Golden Mile, Nueva Andalucia or Sierra Blanca for example. This approach in slightly faster than the previous one mentioned since the property buyer does not need to become familiar with various  areas of  Marbella but rather with just one area such as Marbella Golden Mile or Sierra Blanca and what properties are available there.

The last approach we see often is when a a buyer knows the exact development he wants to buy a property in such as Mansion Club in Sierra Blanca.  This is less time consuming than the previous two methods since the area of focus has become even much smaller and just the right property needs to be found in that development  . But at times this approach can become complicated since in the particular development of interest the property type or the price range is not available. In this case the buyer can wait to see if something comes up or broaden and change the search criteria.

Property Search Guidelines

Factors such as the property type and the area are important parts of finding properties for sale in Marbella Spain. Home buyers can find  stunning houses for sale in Marbella such as a southwest facing villas in Sierra Blanca that have sea and mountain views or an amazing property for sale in Aloha Hill Club  with panoramic views which makes a great home. If you are golf lover you can opt to buy a property for sale in Magna Marbella in the Golf Valley with incredible panoramic views. If you are searching for luxury property you are in luck since Marbella has exclusive properties built to the highest standards. Home buyers can choose from a range of properties such as a duplex penthouses for sale overlooking the sea on the Marbella Golden Mile, a south facing property for sale in Marbella Puerto Banus or great Marbella holiday homes for sale. These properties could be situated beachside in different areas of Marbella with amazing views of the Mediterreanaen Sea with easy access to Marbella´s beaches.

Having a property in Marbella Spain can offer so much. In elevated areas of Marbella such as Sierra Blanca and Nueva Andalucia properties can offer stunning views such as a  mansion with sea views for sale in Marbella.  Based on where the property is situated you may have uninterrupted views of the Mediterreanean Sea. Properties situated in the elevated areas of Nueva Andalucia can offer both sea and mountain views.

Properties located closer to the Sea and beaches can offer a very high quality of lifestyle. You can choose from homes built to the highest standards in sough after areas such as the Marbella Golden Mile. These properties can be just a short walking distance to the sandy beaches of Marbella or located on Marbella beachfront and are ideal for those looking for a those searching for their dream house for sale in Marbella Spain.

For those searching for golf property for sale there are plenty on offer. A golf villa located in Nueva Andalucia with golf views of Las Brisas Golf can be ideal.The selection of properties for sale is truly diverse and they fit any taste and budget. If you are searching for apartments for sale in a busier area with shops and restaurants within walking distance you must look into properties for sale in Puerto Banus or apartments for sale in Marbella Old Town .These properties are within walking distance to Marbella´s sandy beaches .

Apartments in Puerto Banus have easy access to the beaches and can offer terraces overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean sea. So, you can see easily why Marbella is one of the most popular areas for those searching for property for sale in Spain.

Where to Live in Marbella?

The Marbella area is a very diverse area and each part of Marbella has its own characteristics, so those wanting to know where to live in Marbella must take a closer look at these features before purchasing a property in the area. You may refer to our property guides by area to get to know more about the different areas of Marbella.

What is the best area in Marbella ?

For those looking to purchase a property in the Marbella area a question that comes frequently is what are the best areas of Marbella?  There are numerous parts of Marbella that can be called the best areas and the ultimate decision is really based on what you are looking for. We have detailed guide that outlines  some of Marbella’s best areas which should vey helpful.

For those who are looking to purchase homes for vacations and buying property for sale on costa del sol for their holidays they should look into how to buy properties for holidays in Marbella. You should look into how the property can be rented when it comes to both long term and short term rentals. Marbella houses for sale offer something for everyone ranging from luxury property in Marbella Spain  , cozy townhouses for sale to  those suited for more economical budgets.

For those seeking sun Marbella is the perfect choice. It is the sunniest place in Spain with an average of 2,905 hours of sun per year with 100 more hours of sun than the next place the Canary Islands.

  • Marbella
  • Canary Islands

The Growth of Marbella

Due to the quality of life and excellent climate Marbella has seen a continuous growth when it come to population as you can see in the chart below. It is believed the area has many more actual inhabitants since there are many who use their property only during a number of months per year and are not actually counted as residents in the population.

  • 1970
  • 1981
  • 1991
  • 2000
  • 2010
  • 2021

Resales vs New Built Properties

In the period between 2019-2021 there were 10,833 properties sold in the area and the overwhelming majority were resales  being 91% and new built homes amounted to a much lesser portion as shown below.

  • Resales
  • New Build
Where to live in Marbella

When Buying Property the Area is Essential

Marbella consists of many different areas and neighbourhoods and each ones has its very own particular feel to it. The feeling you have when buying a property for sale in Nueva Andalucia which is surrounded by golf courses and the one from Marbella Golden Mile are very different. Properties on the Golden Mile in Marbella can offer easy accessibility to the beach which is why they are so sought after. So in general you need to make sure the area offers those essential requirements that you need .

How to Find Property for Sale Near Marbella

When it comes to buying and searching for property many property buyers want to be near Marbella rather than in Marbella itself. The reason for this can be due to various factors. One maybe due to economical reason since within their budget they cannot find the right property in Marbella. So, these buyers have decided to look at the surrounding areas near Marbella. One other reason can be they may find Marbella very busy especially during the summer months. They still like to be near Marbella but want to avoid the crowds in particular during the busy months of summer.

One of the areas these property buyers can look into is Istan. It is a small town situated just 15 km northwest of Marbella situated below the Sierra Blanca Mountain range.  You are essentially surrounded by nature and there is a distinct air of tranquility and peace in the area. There are a number of modern contemporary properties and some more traditional ones in Istan. Furthermore, due to the elevated position of Istan many of properties offer breathtaking views of the

Holiday Homes for Sale in Spain Costa Del Sol

Being blessed with a wonderful climate and beautiful landscapes was and in still is today why people from all over the world decide to buy  homes in Marbella and Costa del Sol. Purchasing holiday homes on Costa del Sol has evolved through the years due to the growth of the area. Many of these holiday homes have now become permanent residence of their owners.

Not only buying a holiday property in Costa del Sol makes a good short term decision it also is a good long tern decision. When you are not using your property you can rent it out for additional income and eventually you can use it as your permanent home. Furthermore, due to the popularity of living on Costa del Sol there has been a number of development built on the Costa del Sol such as  Property for sale in Reserve del Higueron in Benalmadena that offer a totally innovative lifestyle to its residents.

Marbella Golden Mile

Considered as one of the best of areas of Marbella and Costa del Sol the Marbella Golden Mile offers an exceptional quality of life. Being located between Marbella and Puerto Banus the Marbella Golden Mile has some of the best and most luxurious properties in Marbella. In addition to having some of the best properties in Marbella the area is also home to some of the best restaurants and iconic hotels in Marbella such a Marbella Club Hotel and The Puente Romano Hotel.

Cascada de Camojan Marbella

Being situated on the foothills of La Concha Mountain you will find the beautiful and exclusive area of Cascada de Camojan. Cascada de Camojan is a gated area that is named after the beautiful waterfall which is situated inside of Cascada de Camojan. Compared to other exclusive and gated areas of Marbella Cascada de Camojan is relatively smaller. This means the area offers more privacy and at the same time keeping its exclusive nature which has increased demand for properties in this area. Furthermore due to the elevated positions of Cascada de Camojan the properties in Cascada de Camojan enjoy incredible views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

What Does a  Marbella Luxury Home Offer?

The spectacular sandy beaches and the fact that the sun shines most of the year makes buying a luxury property in Marbella an extremely popular choice for people from all over the world. In fact, the city has a total of 24 sandy beaches for residents and visitors to choose from in addition to its fantastic climate which make Marbella luxury homes for sale so popular. And you’ll find lots of different nationalities have decided to settle in this sunny Spanish city, making it an interesting and diverse place to own a property and live.

If you’re considering buying a family home in Marbella, don’t be put off by its reputation as a party place. There is a lot for kids to do in the area. Other than playing on one of the many beaches, there are also fantastic waters parks which are perfect to help families cool off on one of the many hot Marbella days. There are also some great parks and zoos. If you love the outdoors, the fabulous Marbella weather makes it easy to frolic outside all through the year. Many home buyers search for frontline beach properties in popular areas that offer beautiful views of Marbella and the beach or panoramic views of Puerto Banus and the beach for example.

If you’re a golf lover, then you should seriously consider making a move to Marbella. Many golf enthusiasts have bought a holiday homes in Marbella simply for the huge number of fantastic golf courses in the area.

People from all over the world have decided to buy real estate in Marbella, either for retirement or even just as a holiday home.  Despite its glamorous facade, there are also more affordable properties for sale in to cater to a range of different budgets. Whether you want a beachfront villa or an apartment closer to town,  you’ll be able to find a Marbella home to suit your needs.

Luxury Costa del Sol Property Investment

When looking at why buying luxury Costa del Sol property is a wise investment we must look at several factors. As we have highlighted earlier Marbella has one of the best climates in Europe and offers its residents a high quality of life.  In addition Marbella property is sought after by people from all over the world unlike in the past when the property buyers were mainly people from the north of Europe and Spanish. Today you can sees people buying real estate in Marbella from countries from all over Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Furthermore the quality of construction in Marbella has continually improved through the years where today one can say some of the best homes in Spain and Europe are being built in Marbella . The area is attracting some of Spain and Europe’s best architects and construction companies that are building exceptional properties in the area. Also noting that demand for Marbella luxury properties has been one of the sectors with the biggest increase in the last few years make buying luxury property in Marbella very popular.

New Property Developments

The property boom in Marbella has been going on since the 1960’s and due to the popularity of the area some of the best developers and architects from Spain and around the world build in the Marbella. Due to this in the area there is continually  new developments being built. Over the years the quality of new build developments have significantly improved  and the current developments are of the highest standards and offer exceptional quality of living.

Frontline Beach Properties

Being situated next to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea means you will find some amazing Marbella beachfront property. These properties offer spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea and are within a walk of  just a few short minutes to the beach.

You can find villas, apartments and townhouses for sale located on frontline beach in Marbella. Due to the shortage of these properties and high demand for them you can naturally expect to paying lot for them  and they are not cheap.

Villas for Sale in Marbella

When it comes to Marbella villas for sale the city offers  some of the most beautiful villas for sale in Spain and Europe. A villa for sale in Marbella located  in areas such as those in the exclusive area of Sierra Blanca and Nueva Andalucia are built to the highest standards. In Nueva Andaluica you can find many villas for sale situated such as  frontline golf villas located in the golf valley on golf courses like Las Brisas, Los Naranjos and Aloha .

In Sierra Blanca and Marbella Golden Mile many villas offer sea and mountain views. The amazing views these villas offer are truly unique to Marbella and cannot be found in any other location. There are a wide and diverse selection of villas available in the Marbella area. You can find modern contemporary style villas or  those built in the traditional Andalusian style.

The exclusive area of Sierra Blanca which is a gated community with 24-hours security has some of the most beautiful villas in Marbella. These villas offer amazing views of the sea and are located in a privileged location.

Villa buyers may also look into villas available in Nueva Andalucia . These properties can offer panoramic views including golf views and have beautiful landscaped gardens. In addition Nueva Andalucia is  just a short drive from the famous Puerto Banus .

If you are searching for beachside villas you must consider areas such as Marbella Golden Mile or Los Monteros .These properties could be overlooking the sea and enjoy south or southwest facing orientation

 Apartments for Sale in Marbella

For those searching for apartments in Marbella Spain, the area has many to offer and  you will find some charming apartments & flats for sale in Marbella. You can find apartments for sale in Marbella that are situated in gated communities with beautiful landscape gardens, swimming pools, 24 hour security, amazing panoramic views, access to the beach or those located on golf course with gold views.

There are different types of apartments when it comes to how they are bought and sold. There are apartments for sale by owners  and some which are  property repossessions.  You can find a property that offers south facing views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with fully fitted kitchen, open plan , large living room with walking distance to Marbella Golden Mile  or Puerto Banus

Perhaps you are searching for an apartment located beach side with access to the beach so you can enjoy Marbella´s sandy beaches. There is wide selection of apartments available in Marbella built to the highest standards, so you are assured to find the perfect one that suites your needs.

if you are seeking to buy property further inland on Costa del Sol please look at property for sale in Malaga Alhaurin El Grande we have available for sale.

New Build Apartments

For those who are searching for apartments in Marbella one of the most frequent questions that comes up is if to buy a new build apartment or a resale apartment. New build apartments are harder to be found in high demand areas since those areas are very developed and there is less land for new developments.

But new build apartments can be a great choice for those who do not want to bother with home renovations since many of the resales apartments do require some form of renovation in one form or the other. so if you want no home renovation work to do after moving in consider buying a new build apartment. Also we recommend you to read our article about how to buy new build apartments in Marbella since it covers some important factors.

How to find Cheap Properties

Having one of the best climates in the world in addition to offering an excellent quality of life on the shores of the Mediterranean makes Marbella a very sough after place to live in. So, as you can imagine this makes Marbella properties  relatively more expensive in compare to many other destinations.Being such an attractive location still makes those who have a more limited budget want to live and own properties in Marbella. These individuals with a more limited budget and a desire to live in Marbella naturally are seeking cheap Marbella property for sale.

Those who fall in this category have to focus their search on properties further away from the beach and in certain sections of Marbella. In addition they may have to buy properties that do not have certain facilities such as swimming pools which are very common in Marbella. So, yes you can find cheap property for sale in Marbella but as mentioned you have to choose less popular areas, be willing to do without certain facilities such ass swimming pools  and also  purchase properties that are not in top conditions and require improvements.

Homes in Marbella can Offer so Much!

Having Europe’s best climate with abundance of sunshine makes Marbella a very popular location. On top of the great climate you have Mediterranean quality of living with Spanish charm which makes Marbella even better. Due to these factors buying a house in Marbella can offer so much. Properties in Marbella are very dynamic and each location being beachfront, old town, frontline golf or situated in the hills surrounding Marbella offer its residents a distinct lifestyle but with all the attractions of Marbella such as the great climate, Mediterranean quality living and Spanish charm.

Deciding where and what type of property you want to buy  in Marbella really depends on what you are looking for and your budget. There are these who love beachfront properties and living on the shores of Mediterranean, others love the charm of Marbella Centre and old town and there are those who love the quietness and tranquility of houses in the hills surrounding Marbella. No matter the type of property you are looking for you can rest assured you are very likely to find it in Marbella!

Beachfront Villas

Marbella is one of the most popular destinations for living due to it being located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The charms and comfort the Mediterranean Sea provides  are countless  and due to this people from all over the world want to be as close  as possible to it if they can afford it. Naturally the areas of Marbella situated next to the Mediterranean Sea were one of the first areas to be built therefor essentially there is no more available land for new homes.
There are some villas located on the Marbella’s beachfront that offer incredible quality of life due to their proximity to the sea. For those who want the benefits and privacy  of living in a villa and have the budget to afford such unique properties a beachfront villa in Marbella is ideal if it can be found. Owning a property on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Marbella which has Europes best climate with countless sunny days is a wonderful jewel and prize for those who posses it.

The Charm of Marbella Old Town

Marbella has become one of the most desired destinations to live due to its dynamic nature and the diversity it offers when it comes to lifestyles. It offers properties that are situated next to the Mediterranean Sea for those who enjoy being close to the beach and all that if offers. It also offers exclusive luxury properties in  areas such as Sierra Blanca and La Zagaleta for those who are seeking luxurious homes and lifestyle. For those who want to live in an area that offers the traditional Andalusian ambient and lifestyle properties in Marbella Old Town have become very popular.

You can find a varied option of properties in Marbella Old Town. Recently many of the property owners in this area have renovated their properties with modern interiors. The contrast of modern interiors with traditional Andalusian architecture make these properties truly unique. Furthermore most properties in Marbella Old Town are close to shops and within a short walking distance to the beach.

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