Puerto Banus Property

Puerto Banus Property

Looking for a holiday or a retirement property somewhere lively and luxurious near the beach? Consider buying a property in Puerto Banus. What used to be a tiny fisherman’s village near Marbella is now well known around the world as one of the most buzzing Spanish locations for both tourists and expats alike.

There is an air of glamour throughout Puerto Banus which is hard to miss as you stroll along the marina which is lined with multiple luxury yachts. You will find many famous designer brands within thte many stores and boutiques around the harbour area, such as Tom Ford, Prada and Gucci. There are various fine dining options, and cocktail and champagne bars aplenty. The residents in this area do tend to be quite wealthy on average, but there are definitely properties in Puerto Banus that are more affordable.

Over the years, Hollywood celebrities, European royalty, and sporting stars have all brought further attention to the lively party scene in Puerto Banus. You’re likely to spot a celebrity or two if you visit over the summer. Some of them have also decided to purchase a property in Puerto Banus, with the marina front being a popular choice due to the buzz of the area and proximity to tall the hottest spots.

If the luxury lifestyle appeals to you, consider investing in a property in Puerto Banus. It makes a great retirement spot as well as a  good choice for a holiday home. You can also easily rent out your property when you’re not there, as demand is high for rental properties in Puerto Banus, especially in the summer.Puerto Banus is also well known for its party scene, with the famous Ocean Club attracting many visitors from the UK and other European countries over the summer. It is unlikely that you won’t find your rental property fully booked over the peak periods.

Buying a property in Puerto Banus is also a good idea for investment purposes, as the demand for the area means you’re likely to see a good return. You’ll never have a problem selling a property in Puerto Banus, as the popularity of the region looks unlikely to fade any time soon. It is known around Europe as one of the most desirable locations to be based in, especially for those who would like to lead a luxurios lifestyle with access to Marbella’s many sandy beaches.

Whether you’re a yacht owner or party lover or golf enthusiast, Puerto Banus and the surrounding areas have something for everyone. There are more tranquil neighbourhoods if you would prefer to buy  a Puerto Banus property in a quieter area. And with the consistent sunshine throughout the year, you can easily avoid the crowds by going during off peak periods. You’ll never be too far from the action, no matter where in Puerto Banus you decide to base yourself.

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